Why Can’t E-cruiter’s Be Honest

I got a call yesterday from a consultant I had on assignment  for over two years with a global client in Florida.  John (not his real name) was downsized in January of this year due to the slow economy.  Unfortunately, I had nothing else at the time that was a good match, however  within a month or two he got a call from a “staffing agency”  that indicated they had a 90 day contract available with a client local to his location. The contract should be renewed over and over again he was told. He interviewed and was offered the contract.

As the market has begun to come back,  John was getting more and more calls from other sources regarding new contract positions that he was qualified for,  if he was available for work. He called the e-cruiter at the “Agency” letting them know that he was getting calls about other contract opportunities and wanted to be sure his contract was being renew by the client.

(John is the kind of person that does NOT walk away from an active contact. He will stay with the client as long as they want him and his contract is valid.)

Well, when John spoke to the “agency” he was told congratulations. The client is very impressed with you and your skills. They HAVE  already renewed your contract for at least an additional 90 days. It has been signed, sealed and delivered.  As such John simply told all the others that were calling that he is not available since his contract has been renewed for at least 90 more days.

Last Friday the “agency” called and laid-off John. Seems his contract at the client expired and was not renewed since the project was being scrapped.  The e-cruiter explained that they themselves had been misinformed about his contract already being renewed. Apparently it had not been signed, sealed or delivered.

John knew he had been blatantly lied to by the agency. He knew he was nothing more than a commodity to them. They did not care about him or his ability to earn a living.  The “agency” was purely interested in keeping him from interviewing on other opportunities so they could keep him on contract.

John said to me, “Why can’t people be as honest as you are Wils? Most people in your industry just are not honest.”

As I have stated over and over again, there is no reason not be be honest with candidates and employers. The only thing that a true professional recruiter has is their reputation. Once it’s soured, you won’t get it back. If you ever talk to a person in my industry and you do not feel comforable with them or don’t have a sense of trust, run  the other direction.

By:  Wils Bell, President

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