The No Comment Resume Submission

As you can imagine I get many unsolicited resumes emailed to me each week. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that people find the website or this blog or my Linkedin Profile and take the time to forward their credentials.

Here’s what I don’t understand. On more occasions than I can count I don’t understand when these resumes come directly from a person (not automated system), BUT they don’t have anything written in the body of the email or if they do it is something like “My Resume” and that is it. No contact, no nothing!!

Of course I get the complete opposite also where someone provides their life history and more as a cover of the email. TMI!!

We have become an emailing and texting society, so I have gotten use to working this way.  As someone, like many others, who receives at least 100 emails on a slow day and 200 or more on a big day staying up with emails is always a challenge.

By receiving a resume with nothing in the body or “my resume” only, that is the first impression I have of you. Remember the old saying; “You Never Get A Second Chance To Make First Impression.”

By providing at least some brief bio of your skills and what you are trying to achieve will work wonders.  Are you contacting me directly because you saw a security job on my blog or web site? Are you a passive job seeker just wanting to make first contact, or did you just get laid off and need to talk now!

If you don’t share with me the basics of your resume submission, then generally it gets put aside until I can address it later over the next week or two.

As you can imagine, it is not possible to call each and every person the day a resume comes in, but I do try and at least schedule a brief introductory conversation shortly thereafter depending on why I was sent the resume.

Be kind to your Security Headhunter, provide me with some details.

Wils Bell – President, Inc.
Security Recruitment Specialists
Phone: 407-365-2404
eFax: 407-956-4976


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