Contact Information on Your Resume

I love getting resumes from Security Professionals, but…

I am very fortunate in that my security search firm receives many resumes  every week that are unsolicited.  Unfortunately, I /we can’t call everyone that sends a resume. There simply is not enough time.

We do however save 95% of all resumes sent  because the first place I go when I have a new search is our company database. The software we use is great since all we have to do is

save the resume file and the resume is parsed into the database right from the email.  All the information such as contact, skills, employers, etc. is pulled and entered to certain fields which I can then search upon.

Here is minor problem that we encounter many times a month.

Many people send resumes with incomplete contact information. Here are basic examples from last week:

John J. Smith


John Smith


John Smith
Atlanta, GA

Why is full contact important? It goes to what I mentioned earlier. We can’t call everyone that sends a resume today, but that doesn’t mean we’ll not try contacting you in a week, month, or year from now regarding a new opportunity that comes across our desks.  Knowing this fact means your resume can’t be entered until all the correct  contact data has been included. A new position/ search may happen at any time and full contact allows us to search by variables, including location. Many clients only want local based candidates or candidates within a certain mileage of their location. The more contact we have the better chance we can reach you quickly or at all.

Also, another good tip for you is don’t use your current employers email (yes some people do) because when you leave that employer your email becomes invalid. Simply keep a Gmail or Yahoo type for use with your resume and career development. I call people every day from 3-4 year old resumes.

Don’t get me wrong. We love getting all the resumes that are sent to us, but please include all your contact information, not just for today but for years from now.

John Smith
1000 Main Street
Orlando, FL 32805

Not to worry, we will reach out to you and ask for full contact, but it’s much quicker if you  included full contact on your resume to begin with.

Keep those resumes coming, but preferably with full contact information included.

As usual, thanks for visiting my blog.


Wils Bell
President, Inc.
POB 620298 * Oviedo, FL 32762
Direct: 407-365-2404

One thought on “Contact Information on Your Resume

  1. Hi Wils,

    I do accept with you. Because that is normal problem which we faced so far. But we need to be maintain a relationship with every consultant, then only we had a good business i believe. I like your comment on this..Good Day

    Simon Scott

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