Breaches & Security News From Around the Web 12-06-11

Breaches and Security News from around the web as posted through  my Twitter Account.

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Ex-Army researcher links Conficker to Stuxnet

Russian media, election watchdog silenced through cyberattacks

Small firms have fewer resources to deal with more cyberthreats, House panel told

MIT researchers: US needs single agency to protect electric grid from cyberattacks

Getting Past Security’s Fuzzy Math ROI

Is the Security Response System for SCADA-ICS Broken?

Holiday Shopping At Work Raises Risks

Raytheon Acquires Cybersecurity Firm Pikewerks

Executives Lack Confidence in Infosec Strategies

Controls Have to be Executed Perfectly Every Day

Carrier IQ Controversy Spawns Lawsuits

FBI Warns of New Fraud Scam

Congress Probes TRICARE Breach

Organizing a Breach Notification Team


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