Breaches & Security Articles from Around the Web 12-14-11

Breaches and Security News from around the web as posted through  my Twitter Account.

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Microsoft Patches Windows Flaw Exploited by Duqu

Restaurant Depot Admits They Were Hacked, Customer Data Stolen

Don’t Fall Victim to Poor Network Segmentation

2,000 live typosquatted domains discovered

The risks of unauthorized access

Top software failures of 2011

RSA breach tops list of 2011’s most significant cybercrimes

Experts tie cyber attacks to Chinese government-backed hacking groups

Homeland Security releases roadmap to improve security in cyberspace

ENISA on Cyber Security: Future Challenges and Opportunities

Cyber Security and Illegal Information Operations

DHS Releases Blueprint for a Secure Cyber Future

Common Errors in Firewall Configurations

FTC Takes on Super Cookies

ENISA Releases DigiNotar Report: Operation Black Tulip

House panel mulls compromise cybersecurity legislation

Adobe patches critical zero-day flaw in Reader and Acrobat

Top Ten Password Cracking Methods

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