Breaches, Cyber Crime & Security News Highlights

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Cybersecurity Act of 2012 Introduced Without Emergency Presidential Powers Provisions

Anonymous-Linked Attacks Hit US Stock Exchanges

Security practitioners weigh in on the 15 worst data security breaches in recent memory.

Republican senators want to put the brakes on cybersecurity bill

Audit reveals Maryland inmates had access to social security numbers

Local government discloses employee social security numbers

Offer to ‘test’ iPhone 5 is a scam

The escalating cost of US cybersecurity plans

The rise of information stealers and pay-per-install malware

Malware Network Threats Rising, How to Defend Yourself

Senators Unveil Cybersecurity Bill to Empower Homeland Security

Mozilla wants CAs to stop issuing and revoke MITM certificates

Horde FTP server hacked, files modified to include backdoor

Gap in patch priorities vs cybercriminal targets

Cyber-Spies Intercepted Sensitive Files, Emails From Nortel: Report

Annual Breach Reporting Deadline Looms

Security Falling Short When It Comes To Dealing With Growing Cyber Attacks

U.S. Commerce Department Infected with Malware

Alabama and Texas law enforcement sites fall to hackers

7 Steps to Building a Security Program

78% of organizations that Trustwave investigated had no firewalls at all Adobe’s Security Chief Talks About Driving Up The Cost of Exploits

Symantec Verifies Stolen Source Code Posted By Anonymous is “Legitimate”


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