Where’s that document I signed?

Several years ago when you started that new position it was a very exciting time.  That first  morning down in Human Resources getting ready for your orientation and filling out and signing paperwork.   There was the health insurance paperwork,  the life insurance paperwork, the tax withholding paperwork, the retirement account paperwork, and perhaps  the employee conduct handbook. Was there anything else that you signed?

Hey, what about that Non Compete Agreement / Non Disclosure Agreement paperwork. Did you sign one of those also? Chances are you did, but what exactly did it say?

Now, fast forward to present day. Do you know where your signed copy of your agreement is located? Just what were those restrictions or limitations you’re subject to if /when you leave this employer.

According to a lot of people I have asked that question to recently, very few people know the exact location and can put their hands on the agreement today. Some folks have no idea where it is or did they even keep a copy, while others think maybe they might be able to  find it, but aren’t sure.

These type agreements should be considered a very important document to you for many reason.

Most people who know exactly where it is , simply scanned it after they took it home and it’s on the hard drive AND backed up. Others have it in the safety deposit box. It doesn’t really matter where you keep it as long as it is safe and you can put your hands on it when needed.

Having to call your employer’s HR department and ask for a copy just might alert someone as to your career plans.

The point of this whole article is that it only takes you a minute to save your signed agreement securely so you’ll be able to access if and when the times comes. It could and can save you a lot of headaches and other issues down the road when you decide it is time for a change and you need to know just what it says.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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