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Council data breaches increase by ‘alarming’ 1,600 per cent

BMO Harris warns customers after laptop stolen

Bank vs. Customer Claims Rejected

Cyber-espionage Mahdi virus spreads further in Middle East

Hacker collective leaks one million records, vows ‘hellfire’

Frankenstein malware: a monster stitched together from trusted code

Virus on virus – set a thief to catch a thief

Oracle Releases Fix For Java CVE-2012-4681 Flaw

Latest SAP Security News

How Do You Change an Unhealthy Compliance Culture?

Link spotted between Wiper virus and Stuxnet, Duqu

Kaspersky looks at the wreckage of Wiper malware

More password problems from Windows Registry

Survey Tracks Security’s ‘Bad Mood’ Trend, Need for Improvement

Researchers Identify Second New Java Bug

Second LulzSec Member Arrested for Sony Pictures Attack

Analysis Shows Traces of Wiper Malware, But No Links to Flame

REALLY – Most firms do not protect sensitive data in databases, survey finds

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