Breaches & Security News from Around the Internet

Breaches and Security News from around the web as posted through  my Twitter Account.

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Top Tech Trends for 2012

Manhattan District Attorney Charges 55 with Cybercrime

Websites, apps vulnerable to low-bandwidth, bot-free takedown, say researchers

Feast of the Seven Phishes 2011

On 2011: The Year of System Failure

Government Can Save Millions Reforming Security Policy

Hackers Publish Information on 90 Million in China

Hackers Release More Information from STRATFOR

The six worst data breaches of 2011

United flyer finds dozens of passengers’ info online

If it’s Friday, it’s time to reset almost 18 million passwords?

Hackers to exploit vulnerable infrastructure in 2012, McAfee warns

Attackers could remotely exploit flaws in Siemens industrial control system app

US-CERT warns about security flaw affecting millions of wireless routers

Japan’s cyber defense weapon: a virus

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